At PTK Fashion Package Design Co., Ltd., we give our high priority to environmental friendly factors and the health and safety regulations in all of our operations. We have invested in high performance machinery in our production process such as the automatic screen printing and die-cutting machines etc.

We are operating under the health and safety regulations according to the law which will ensure the wellness of our employees in their work stations. We are also very concern about the environment so we have invested in the advanced "Wet scrubber" machine which will purify the air before releasing to the environment.
These mentioned investments and regulations are all for serving the purpose of producing the best quality products without disturbing the environment of our world. 

So our customers can be confident that they are buying the best quality products which was produced with high performance machinery and the production process which are non-harmful to the environment.

Our Health and Safety Standard

  Our Health and Safety Operations
 1. Sense of Responsibilities for employee's health and safety in their work station : 
 Our managements put their high concern into our employees health and safety in their work station for the sake of our employees own wellness. So we have prepared all of the required PPE which are suitable for every work stations. And it is our regulation   that our employees must not neglect to wear the PPE in their work station at all time of operations. 
 2. Sense of no-carelessness in the health and safety regulations : 
 We have set up the rules of health and safety standard according to the law. So we do have regular in-house training for our employees to learn and practice in health and safety regulations. Also, we have the annual Health Check-up program for our   employees as their benefit as well. 
 3. 3E Principles : 
 3.1 Engineering : We are hiring the professional and authorised engineers for monitoring the quality of our electrical system, lighting system, loudness of the sounds in each work stations and also the ventilation system of our work place annually. This is to   ensure the conditions of our work place to be ready for operations at all time. 
 3.2 Education : We have the in-house training and seminars for our employees regularly. Especially in the field knowledge of health and safety regulations. Such as Fire drills, Standard health and safety law and regulations seminar, basic First aid training   etc. 
 3.3 Enforcement : We do issuing the rules and regulations for health and safety matters in our work place to be strictly followed by everyone in every work stations. These rules are issued and signed by our managements to ensure the best working  conditions   for our employees at all time. 
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